Port Nassau:
Cursed Waters
A fREE Online Virtual Pirate Event
June 1st through September 4th
Join the festivities from the safety of your own vessel
Them waters ain't safe, so we respectfully ask you to stay inside your own vessel. But we're still gonna provide you pirates with plenty of fun, entertainment, and shenanigans from the comfort of home!
Registration is 100% FREE and comes with your an exclusive limited edition site token!
Port Nassau is throwing a virtual pirate festival online all summer! The event runs from now until September 4th!
  •  Events: Join in events and workshops run by the diverse Houses and Ships that dock at Port Nassau
  • Tournaments: Tablero, Magic the Gathering, and other virtual online gaming tournaments - with prizes!
  • Shows: Enjoy amazing shows run by community members for your entertainment.
  • Virtual Merchant Circle: Go shopping for gear, garb, and pretty baubles from your favorite merchants!
  • Social Hangouts: Get together and have a drink with your favorite pirates.
 An exclusive Port Nassau: Cursed Waters Event Token
 Dress up, chat, and enjoy a drink with pirates
 Enjoy entertaining shows, events, and workshops
 Games, activities, and shenanigans for all ages
Register now!
& get notified of all events, games, and shows on the schedule!
Yours in Service,
Brookehilda the Strawberrian
Jamie Rae MacPhearson
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